All BTEC Students that had exams

To all #TeamHaringey6 students who were to take BTEC Exams this month please note: 

Following our decision last night, not to proceed with this month’s BTEC Exams, Pearson/ BTEC have put out the following the message:
“Learners unable to take their assessment this January may be able to take their assessment at a later date.
If that is not possible, we will put in place arrangements to ensure no learner is disadvantaged but this process is still to be decided”.

In light of this, you must still keep working hard and your efforts to date will still be rewarded.

Even after the announcement last night from the Department for Education, we as a centre could have decided to run the exams and some students might have simply chosen not to attend or could not attend. We did what we believe was our responsibility and what was fair to all.

We would not have left that decision to you and then had to apply for special consideration for any no attendees on that basis.

So once we were able to do so, we cancelled immediately.

As always, we take the decisions based on the best interests of #TeamHaringey6, students, families and staff.

Stay strong, we love ya!



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