Update - for all A-Level & New Students from Russ, Chief Exec

You will I am sure be aware of the latest development as many students across the country have had a torrid time since last Thursday, suffering all sorts of stress and worry.

The situation is still not ideal but far better than we had so this afternoon’s announcement to use Centre Assessed Grades/teacher grades was needed as we all needed decisive and urgent action.

Moving to CAGs is a boost for those students and will allow them to progress in learning and into work. It will be a relief after days of anguish.

At the same time, I hope that our new students anticipating their GCSE results this Thursday will feel that it removes much of the anxiety and provides certainty.

This is good for our college for post-16 GCSE English and maths retake students whose prior achievements don’t give a good indication of their likely performance, as it means that the predictions of the staff who know them best will stand.

It is vital that information is now provided speedily on how this decision will impact on university places, for example where do students wishing going through clearing stand and any who may have been rejected on their original grades.

I am writing this just after the announcement and it will be posted the same evening but I will update if further updates come out.

This is how universities have been told they should respond:

“The recently announced plan to cap the number of students English universities can recruit is to be removed, the Department for Education has just confirmed.

A spokesman said those who missed out on places at their first choice institutions will be asked to go back and speak to them about reversing that decision if their new grades are good enough – and ministers will expect universities to be flexible.

In order to create extra capacity, the planned cap will not apply. This refers also to a limit on the number of students from England who can enrol at universities in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

I am not going to go through every option that is available to you right now as they will be many and I would prefer as ever that we support you on an individual basis, as you would expect we are here to help and support. Please use Lisa’s dedicated results@haringey6.ac.uk in the first instance.

I cannot tell you how much I/we are also looking forward to welcoming new and progressing students over the next few days and weeks and we will continue to work with 16-year-olds to ensure all young people have a suitable place and that the transition to their next step is smooth and stress-free after a tough six months.

Kind regards,


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