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We have a tireless dedication to improving the standards of academic and vocational achievement across all our courses, across all our provision for our students. We couple this with a passionate commitment to their success through a culture of high expectations and aspiration.

I have seen some real developments recently in learning, creativity and innovation. Another value: Learning & Teaching - our number one priority.

We have two new Directors: one for Teaching Learning & Assessment and one for Quality and Standards. They are committed to achieving an effective learning regime for all students with first class teaching and support from members of staff, all day and every day without fail.

Regular readers of my blog know my commitment to relationships and team building. People first is one of my many strap lines.

At Haringey Sixth, we put this ethos into action. We believe in working together. Students and staff work as a team to foster a real sense of community and mutual respect. We also believe in working closely with parents/carers to ensure that our 16-19 year olds become confident, mature, responsible and valued members of society.

We cultivate close and meaningful partnerships with schools, other colleges and universities to enhance the learning experience.

Our relationships with the local community in Haringey and across London reflects our commitment to the continuing social and economic wellbeing of the area and increases the range of opportunities on offer to our students.

Another of our key values is respect. This brings with it inclusivity and a belonging. We are a very strong college community.

We embrace diversity and are strongly committed to equality of opportunity for students, staff, their friends, families and the wider community to create a real sense of belonging and integration.

As a Principal, I believe and hope I am open, honest and fair to all. The values of honesty and fairness lie right at the heart of my personal values and I try to bring them to work every day. This is reflected in the teams here at the college. We are committed to conducting ourselves with openness, trust and respect for the individual in everything we do.

Ask anyone if we enjoy life here at Haringey Sixth? Ask them to give you three words that sum up being part of #TeamHaringey6. What about positivity, enthusiasm and enjoyment?

Unless something is fun it’s simply not worth doing. That’s why, above all, at Haringey Sixth we strive to create a fun environment in which the process of learning is not just rewarding but enjoyable too.

We want the experience to be a positive one for our students in every respect, through instilling a passion and enthusiasm for their subjects, a thirst for learning, and a burning desire to achieve their potential and career goals.

As I said, people come first so we also aim to develop their self-esteem, confidence, emotional resilience, compassion, generosity of spirit and a boundless enthusiasm for taking on and overcoming all the challenges life brings.

Anyone out there want to join us? Well, the clock is ticking but there is still time to apply. Interviews are going on right through April. Check out all the details on this website. Send us your application and book your interview today..

Have a great Easter,

See you all soon,

Yours as ever,


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