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As we prepare for the next step in our journey, I would like to share with you a few innovations. There are many more than those I have listed below!!

We have a new enlarged and fully equipped social space for you. H6@connected is your link to the outside world of work or university. It’s where you sign up for enhancement and enrichment. The new innovation centre is amazing, state of the art, visually stunning. I cannot do it justice in this blog but I will ensure we post pictures and videos in due course.

We have a new Basketball Academy coached by the coach of last year’s under16 National Champions; The Futsal Academy in partnership with Spurs is now in the National League; We have a new outstanding coach for the boys and a new girls academy coach; Haringey Unchained is going from strength to strength; UNLOC is the new business academy for business students interested in starting their own business; We Move is again a key feature for a Dance programme especially for girls; Elevate are delivering study skills to our second years, and we have an amazing Art team that had an outstanding external show at Ally Pally.

I am always a positive type of person but I hope you can tell how upbeat and positive I am feeling right now!!

I am writing this blog on the 31st August ready to upload for September. I will be out front with my Deputy Lisa to welcome all students Monday morning and indeed every morning. It is a very exciting time and we are glad that you are joining us on our journey.

We have enrolled record numbers again well over 1000 this year and throughout enrolment I have met some wonderful young people I have also been really impressed with how engaged they have been in the process and how keen they are to come and start their learning with us.

I am so very proud of the really positive impact Haringey Sixth Form College is having and has had over the last three years. The progress and impact has been transformational, due to amazing staff and fantastic students in partnership with parents and carers.

All the feedback from students and staff is that they feel that our key value of aiming for excellence in everything we do is having an impact on learning and progress.

Students will be settling in from Monday 3rd September - I cannot wait to feel their energy and positivity that will be creating such a buzz around the College.

Many courses are full but if you still would like to enquire about studying with us then please contact the college on 020 8376 6000 or via this link but don’t delay.

Information about all our Open Events and application process for 2019/20 will appear on the website by the middle of September.

Regards for now,



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