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Although the end of term is a period of time when students are not in college that does not mean we shut down and put our feet up, far from it.

We are investing heavily in our facilities. Students will return to a fully refurbished ground floor, including more social space, a H6@connected facility and the jewel in the crown being a fantastic IT rich Innovation Centre.

As well as July and August being the main summer holiday months, they are also the months for last minute applications, results and enrolments. College never shuts! Find the information on how to apply here

Really exciting times, really the best time possible to be involved with Haringey Sixth Form College. This really is the “go to” college.

For late applicants please follow the information on our website, YouTube and twitter feed. Here you will find all the up-to-date information, you can see many interactive videos about the courses and fantastic experiences students have here at H6. We will be holding interviews on Thursday 16 August and Friday 17 August. But don't leave it too late as some courses are already full and there are few spaces left.

You will find the information on how to apply

We are special, we do love our students and we do look after each and everyone here at Haringey Sixth. That’s why we are so popular with young people.

Of course if you want any further information about the college or any clarification then you can call 020 8376 6000 and speak to a member of our very friendly staff who will be happy to help you with any question or query.

We will also have senior staff available as required over the summer period.

For students who have applied had an interview here are your next steps in the process.


Can I thank you all for reading this blog and your constant support for the college.

I hope you all have an enjoyable summer and the weather stays kind to us all.



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