Wider Opening – Haringey Sixth Form College

To all of our AMAZING students,

You may be aware that the government have now allowed Colleges to partially re-open from Monday, 15th June, so that students can have some contact with their teachers. If you have not already heard from us, you will shortly be contacted and invited to College for a session with one of your teachers to check on your wellbeing and set targets for the next academic year.

If you do not hear from your teachers, please contact the Curriculum & Learning Manager or Director for your area by email - details as follows:

Inclusion & Opportunity - dean.britton@haringey6.ac.uk

Sport & Public Services: codi.murray@haringey6.ac.uk

Health & Social Care: mayuri.rajani@haringey6.ac.uk

A-levels, STEM & Creative Industries: olimi.wamara@haringey6.ac.uk

ESOL: amanda.lawrence@haringey6.ac.uk

Young College: florina.iosif@haringey6.ac.uk

Vocational Science: daniel.searle@haringey6.ac.uk

ICT: augustine.ononaji@haringey6.ac.uk

Business & Enterprise: anthony.johnson@haringey6.ac.uk

Pastoral Support: jill.lodge@haringey6.ac.uk

We are so looking forward to seeing you soon. We have missed having you and are excited to welcome you back.

To ensure that you and our staff remain safe and healthy, we will all be required to adhere to the attached Code of Conduct (click here to read) while we are on site. It is very important that we keep to the social distancing rules to ensure our own safety and that of those we come into contact with.

Back in business!


Haringey Sixth Form College
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