To all our Fabulous Students from Russ

We have the following message to #TeamHaringey6

So here goes...

You will be aware of our arrangements for results day tomorrow.

But there has been an announcement today and subsequent media coverage. This will continue.

The media coverage and those decisions in this the last day before results day will have done nothing to ease your worries and confusion in what has already been a disrupted and stressful academic year.

In the absence of you actually sitting exams and assessments this was always going to be imperfect process.

I am not actually surprised that the outcomes are being questioned like never before. But my thoughts are not with the system and the process but they are with you and what we can do to support you.

So I want to assure you though what we are going to do as #TeamHaringey6, this as ever I hope will re assure and support you.

We have committed all along, though, to truly do justice to the Class of 2020.

From tomorrow what does that actually mean ?

Well it is simply to put all of our efforts into helping every student navigate a route through results day and onto your next step.

This means for you amazing young people that could be progressing at college, into a job, onto university or an apprenticeship.

We will do our utmost to ensure that through all of this the process for results this year should help make that happen.

If you are not happy with your awarded grade and would like to use a valid mock result. You will now be able to do so through an appeals process, you as an individual will need to notify Rosie Shire Director of Quality who will then provide evidence of your mock results to their exam board.

If things change again we will keep you all informed.

We are with you and here for you,

Russ on behalf of #Teamharingey6

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