An Update for Students, Parents, Carers & Wards - 20th April 2020

Today should be the return to college after the Easter break but as below, you will be well aware that is not possible.

A reminder that if you wish to contact anyone at the college, all contact details are contained in my previous updates and can be found on the 'contact us' page of this website.

Lockdown Extension

On Thursday 16th, the government warned that making any changes to restrictions right now could cause more deaths, risk a second peak, and further damage public health and the economy, so current measures will stay in place for at least the next three weeks. This advice comes from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), who provide scientific and technical advice to support government decision makers during emergencies.

Below are the five conditions that will need to be satisfied in order for a lockdown to be lifted or eased:

  • Confidence that that the NHS can cope
  • A sustained and consistent fall in death rates
  • Data showing infections are decreasing to manageable levels
  • Testing capacity and PPE will be able to meet future demand
  • Any adjustment would not risk a second peak and overwhelm the NHS


GCSE, A Level & BTEC Results Days Confirmed

It has now been confirmed that GCSE and A Level results will be announced as originally planned.

  • A Level results will be published on Thursday 13 August 2020. We will also celebrate our BTEC Results on that day.
  • GCSE results will be published on Thursday 20 August 2020.

The college will provide centre assessment grades for all of our students. This is across all of our courses, not just A Levels and GCSEs.

These will be fair, objective and carefully considered judgements of the grades we believe that you would have been most likely to achieve if you had sat your exams. This will take into account the full range of available evidence.

We will do everything we can to make sure that as much as possible, grades are fair and that you are not disadvantaged in your progress because of these unprecedented conditions.

The exam boards will then look at the grades nationally and award students their final grades.

Other qualifications, including Functional Skills, BTECs, VTCT and UAL Diplomas will have a calculated result, again based on teacher judgements of what each student would most likely have achieved, had you been able to complete your assessments in summer 2020

You will need your grades for university, for work or for the next year of your course here at Haringey Sixth Form College.


Bursary Payments

All bursary payments will continue to be paid in line with entitlement throughout the lockdown period. We will also pay the Travel to Learn bursary this week.

Update on National Voucher Scheme for Free School Meals

You may have read or heard that all schools have been issued with their free school meal activation email to provide families entitled to Free School Meals with a voucher.

We have not yet received our activation details. I have been trying (with no success as of yet) to sort out this problem. So, we will put in interim measures from this week, which will mean paying a Free School Meals allocation while I continue to try and resolve the matter.



I hope you have had a chance to see my attempt at vlogging!

Following on from my presentation to you, here are a few repeated key messages:

  • We are where we are and we cannot worry about what we cannot control! But there is plenty that we, you and I can control and influence.
  • It’s all about us, as ever, always moving forward. I really believe that motivation comes from working on things that we all care about.
  • What you all do now really matters.
  • It’s a big challenge. So now, reflect - how can you make the biggest performance impact to keep your ambitions alive?
  • It’s a real test of the not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘what’ you do. Remember, routine is key.
  • It’s not about how talented you are, it is about how committed you are to getting better... think about it.

So please remember my key messages to you all now and those I have given you all throughout your time at college!

Keep engaged, keep learning.

Stay active, stay safe and stay well.

All my very best


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