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Nov 2019 -


The half term break is often for me a time to reflect, certainly after the hectic start to the new college year.

People often then naturally ask the question, especially at this time of the year – “How is going and how are you?”

When I tell them and then I go on to highlight all the things that we have achieved already this year, along with everything the staff are doing, everything the students are undertaking, the opportunities at the college etc, they then ask, with their jaws dropped - “How have you done it?”

In effect, the college is brand new with all the new facilities, the refurbishments and the investment in our digital platform. We have doubled the student numbers in three years and we have added to the staff team with some amazing new talented individuals. New roles and opportunities have also been created.

We are preparing for more investments and we are opening up brand new courses such as Early Years Practitioner and Games & Digital Animation, for example.

We have not finished yet. Unless my trustees tell me otherwise, there is no end game! Why? Well, our current students deserve more and we want to keep investing to ensure we are the college of choice for future students.

We had record breaking numbers through the door for our first open event, prior to half term and we are taking bookings via the website for the next one, full details below.

So, back to the why and the how questions. Simply, it is about the #H6Experience which is only possible through #TeamHaringey6.

It is not enough for me just to say all #TeamHaringey6 staff go the extra mile. Every Principal/CEO would say the same thing! But what does that actually mean? I never say we are the best, and those that do will define their own matrix for that judgement.

So, it is not easy to quantify why we are so successful. If it was, every college would be doing it, every college would be attracting more and more students. The harsh reality is that they don’t and they are not!

What we almost have here is unwritten rules that dictate how people behave. These norms are now so ingrained that perhaps we don’t even think about them.

But this is all about the people. A good number of years back there was some research conducted into retention in FE by Martinez. He looked at the difference between college leavers and stayers. Guess what he found? There was no difference between the two groups as they both encountered similar challenges and had similar difficulties.

Why was there a difference in outcomes? Well, it was all about the people! The evidence stated that the reason for students leaving college was that the personal relationships between the staff and the students broke down!

I spoke to a student yesterday who was singing in college. I speak to all students regularly and one told me she loved being back in college. She did not know how powerful a statement that is. The difference between love and like is massive. To say you love something gives an emotional commitment. We don't only like members of our families, do we?

We are in effect a family here, the #TeamHaringey6 family. Students do love it here as they feel that emotional bond. Also, staff are inspired to work here. So, to answer all those questions about how have we done this and that, then this is the answer - #H6People.

We all make choices in life, for example, about where to shop, where to drink and where to eat, mainly based on the quality of the experience. Haringey Sixth Form College is no different. The #H6Experience is special and unique - the very reason the students keep choosing us.

Think about this - all coffee shops serve great coffee. I go to ones with a great atmosphere, comfortable furniture and great service. If any one of those measures falls short, I go elsewhere.

I hope this helps to explain some of the why and the how questions I constantly get asked.

So, let me finish with my usual challenge to all… Come and see this for yourself!

Full details of the next Open Events and details of how to book in or apply are also shown below.

As ever, thank you for taking time to read my monthly blog.

With my very best wishes,




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