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March 2019 -

I am not sorry to see the back of February. For me, March is always a very significant month. We see more daylight; it’s slightly warmer, and (excuse the pun) this is the springboard month for so many things affecting the college and its students!

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Jacqui Grant as our new Assistant Principal for Finance and People Development. She brings a wealth of experience and leadership skills to the college. Jacqui is already providing great strength and increased capacity to our ever developing college.

This appointment has enabled me to give our outstanding VP Lisa Westray more of a strategic focus; Lisa will provide increased rigour and intensity as we continue to aim for excellence in everything we do. 0Lisa is already “getting stuck” into the student experience with clear a focus on ensuring an outstanding classroom experience. You will hear more from me regarding Lisa’s role in the future.

We have refurbished two of the Maths classrooms, and they look stunning. This is very much a blueprint for the whole college estate. We are investing in our facilities to ensure that we have the most inspirational learning environment for all.

As regular readers of my blog know, nothing works here at H6 in isolation.

A teacher’s primary objective is to connect our young people to learning. I know that some people may believe that it is enough that we provide students with information, to fill their heads with knowledge. Perhaps there was a time in some bygone era where this was enough. However, we live in a rapidly changing world where technology, globalisation, the changing nature of the workplace amongst other things are part of our new reality. This old approach to classroom practice has gone the way of the dodo. It has no place at Haringey Sixth and adds no value to the student experience. I know that that may seem quite a strong statement, but I believe passionately there is more to this college than that.

Here at Haringey Sixth, we know that the more encouraging, constructive and productive the relationship between teacher and student is the more positive and lasting the impact is for the student.

People know I am a great fan of the work and research of the great educational theorist, John Hattie. He hangs much of his research on student achievement on this idea. He says, ”It is teachers who create positive relationships that have the greatest effect of student achievement.”

I would add, it’s all about how great teachers make you feel!

It really isn’t rocket science! Just think for a moment about the teachers who made the greatest positive impact on you as a student. They would generally have been those who did more than ask you, "How are you going?" They would have taken an active interest in you. More than this, they would have done their homework on you as a student - knowing your capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, interests, preferred learning styles, etc. This is my expectation of all my staff here at Haringey Sixth Form College. We demand a higher purpose.

I think it was Theodore Roosevelt who said, students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Roosevelt was obviously a man ahead of his time!

However, it is not enough just to build sound positive relationships with students; we also need to let them know that we believe in their capability to achieve success. Then, we need to press them to do so. To do that, the delivery must meet the high expectations of the #H6Experience.

Finally, we have again been inundated with applications and the like. We have our last major Open Event on March 9th. We have additional Applicant/interview dates.

Please keep in touch. All the recent news updates are on the website and on our social media feeds.

As ever, very best wishes from everyone at #TeamHaringey6! As we build on the #H6Experience, remember

#WeAreOrange #OrangeArmy.


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