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June 2019 -

The finish line really is in sight now; it's June already and we are, by the time you will read this, well into the last half term of the college year.

This term sees the culmination of a significant level of hard work. As you know, we aim for excellence here in everything we do and we have a can do/will do approach. There is never any inspiration without perspiration.

My presentations to students at the end of the last half term were titled ‘Believe, Achieve and Celebrate.’ That really does sum up this point in the college year. I have also written to all our students as I always do each half term. The message was very much about self-belief.

Attitude now is crucial. Students can make a significant difference to their outcomes but they have to choose to do so. So my message as ever is to just do it!

Self-belief and confidence do improve our ability to succeed and this confidence should be built on the hard work, determination and a desire. The desire here at H6 is for all students to achieve the best possible grades and outcomes from their courses for their futures.

This month, we also take the time to celebrate, so we have a number of presentation events planned. I know we will be hearing inspirational student stories and about how Haringey Sixth Form College has made a difference in many lives. You will be able to read all about it, enjoy the pictures and I hope to attend some of the events in person.

This is a great college and I love all our students. We provide amazing opportunities for young people to learn at whatever stage of education they are at, during any point in their lives.

At the celebration events, all students receive certificates. Some also get additional awards and recognition through being nominated by their tutors for their hard work and achievement for their successful, often motivational progression throughout their courses.

However, what is very important to the staff and I is that we recognise the efforts and achievements of all our students, at all levels. We all really care about each and every one of our students here at Haringey Sixth Form College.

For my part, I want to lead some great celebrations on behalf of the efforts of staff, students, parents, carers and wards. All of whom contribute to the great #H6Experience and make up #TeamHaringey6.

Life never stands still though, and many of our students have been asking me what happens next in terms of the next college year.

So here is a summary:

  • All students progressing to a new level of course here at college will be expected to attend the ‘New Applicant Days.’ They will get the chance to meet our new applicants on what will be very busy, full days:

- For those starting A-Levels, the New Applicant Day is on Tuesday 2nd July 2019.

- For those progressing onto BTEC Courses, the New Applicant Day is on Thursday 4th July 2019.

  • Students completing their first year A-Level or BTEC Level 3 course do not attend these days. They progress to the second year of their programmes, which will start in September 2019. They will receive additional information about this.
  • Students in their final year of A-Levels or BTEC courses will receive further information about the results day celebration, which will be held on Thursday 15th August 2019.

Of course, if anyone has any questions, remember there is no such thing as a stupid question; the stupid bit is not asking! So if you are unsure or need help, ask! You will get support and advice from Haringey Sixth Form College.

For now though, back to the students and the big push. Come on, do the hard yards and then you will enjoy the success.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. Please keep in touch.

All the recent news updates are on the website and on our social media feeds.

As ever, very best wishes from everyone at #TeamHaringey6!

As we build on the #H6Experience, remember #WeAreOrange #OrangeArmy

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For students who are looking to apply for September 2019, please click here

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Please complete the form as accurately as possible. All courses are for students aged 16 to 19 years old as of 31st August 2019.

Forthcoming Events:

· A Level New Applicant day Tues, 2nd July 2019

· BTEC New Applicant Day Thurs, 4th July 2019

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