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Jan 2020 -

Happy New Year Everybody!

2020 - Not only a new year, but a new decade and potentially another new window of opportunity on the journey of this amazing college, and for everyone in and connected to #TeamHaringey6.

The college strategic plan ends this year and we are in the process of writing our new three year plan. This is underpinned by our strategic intent. This is a huge opportunity for the college, but for many within, this is again a huge challenge. As Principal and CEO, I do not want the college to stand still for one minute and settle for the ‘status quo’.

By all means, celebrate what has been achieved in relation to the current plan - we have improved the student experience massively, created an operating surplus which we have reinvested in the college, developed leadership at all levels and engaged in partnerships at local, regional and national level.

Now is not the time to consolidate, but the time to press on. This, of course, will require significant commitment and investment but not just in monetary terms. It’s my time now to challenge the College and the Board to have a clear strategic intent moving forward.

The purpose (which the college will endeavour to achieve) is actually a statement that will provide a perspective of the means, which will then lead the next three years at Haringey Sixth Form College. What will be the ambition and how will it reach the vision in the long run?

The first plan I wrote gave an idea of what the college desires to attain in the future. The college needs to again examine the question of what the organisation strives or stands for. It indicates the long-term market position, which the college desires to create or occupy and the opportunity for exploring new possibilities.

I believe the possibilities are huge and this college will only be limited by its ambition.

After all that has been achieved for our young people over the last three to four years, now is not the time to sit back. The opportunities are huge but they must be taken now as there will not be this opportunity again.

So what is the blueprint of Haringey Sixth Form College’s future position and ambition? We have been clear and achieved more than we set out to date. But where do we want to land next?

I am all about the dream of the purpose of inspiration, we are now at base camp for this planning process.

I hope this blog has given a taste for aspiration and the last couple of weeks of last term provided a peep of what the college could become in the future.

But to do so, let me be clear - every single component of the college is required to follow its vision.

As ever thank you all for your continued support.

All the very best, everyone for a great 2020.




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