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Dec 2019 -

The season of peace and goodwill to all.

December is always a time for reflection as it is the end of the year. But for post-16 education, it also signals the end of the first part of an exciting, challenging new journey.

Some students have started college or university a-fresh and some have progressed onto new courses, be this a higher level course or the final year of current courses. All exciting, all challenging journeys.

Energy levels are crucial at all times and this time of the college year is no different. What perhaps makes it hard at this time of the year is that it is at times it’s dark and cold.

So, let me give a few tips to help sustain your energy levels throughout this period. I don’t necessarily find all of these easy to do myself but I do find that if I at least try to do them, it helps me. So I thought I would share these with you all. Some you may recognise, some you may not:

1. Be Kind to Yourself - I am rubbish at this. I treat myself more harshly than others do. I am my worst critic. At times, I need to start treating myself with kindness and patience. It does not mean I am me lazy. It may feel challenging at first, but I need train my mind to speak to myself with the compassion and understanding that I would give to a friend and see if it inspires and motivates me over time.

2. Don’t play the blame game - Don’t do this - “It wasn’t my fault. There was nothing I could do.” Take 100% responsibility. Giving up excuses in favour of taking responsibility. The necessary action is, perhaps, easier said than done but worthwhile.

3. Give, don’t take! - As human beings, we are pack mammals designed to live in a community. We feel really good when we can make a difference for another person, whether it’s through small acts of kindness, volunteering or just listening to a friend who is upset. Helping another is a natural mood booster because it takes our attention off our own problems for a while and enables us to soak in the energetic goodness of our own generosity. The coach in me likes this.

4. Be positive - Focusing on defeats will slow us down and stop us in our tracks. A better approach: Even when things are going wrong — no, especially when things are not going the way you want them to go, look for the lesson or the opportunity. Again, shifting the focus from the “problem” to the solution, seeing new avenues to take, and having a greater awareness of what’s possible not only prevents the energy drain, but also infuses us with all-new energy. New possibilities cause our energy to go up. We are interested, engaged and willing to keep moving forward. More of this from the college in January… watch this space!

5. Have passion, have a purpose, and have a cause! - What do you love doing so much that you lose track of time and find yourself almost in another dimension? Allowing yourself to engage in those activities more often can prevent your battery from getting low, or recharge it if you find yourself running low on energy. Work your priorities around your passions rather than vice versa and watch your energy soar!

Linked to number 5, I will be speaking with all our students this month about our environmental footprint as individuals and as an organisation. A passion, a cause!

I have said this time and time again that it is easy to say we are against something or support anything! My response then is ‘great, ok, so what?’
What is happening to our planet and the impact of this on the future for our young people is not acceptable. So what are we going to do about it @H6?

As a college, for example, we are going to have no litter and by default no litter bins in any of our learning spaces, workrooms or staff room. We are going to take all litter to ‘drop zones’ and we are going to try to recycle as much as possible. This means all of us, not just the students, but the whole of #TeamHaringey6! We role model behaviours as staff.

Personally, I am now following a plant based diet that I wish I had known the facts about 30 years ago. Happy to chat about this to anyone. I am loving it by the way. I never thought I would ever say that!

We will be promoting this approach by looking at our environmental footprint internally and externally. We should be doing this as it is the right thing to do as an organisation, especially a leading educational establishment.

We will look at everything from our energy use to our suppliers. No stone will be left unturned when doing our bit. I will be launching this at my end of year presentations with students.

I feel good about doing this, I hope you will all get on board.

Ok, back to reflection. It has been another busy, fantastic rewarding half term. Many of the highlights feature in our news section on our website or can be accessed via our social media so I won’t repeat those on here.

How shall I conclude this month’s blog?

I suppose you can take this as my Christmas message…

I hope you are aware that what we try to do here at Haringey Sixth Form College is not just deliver grades or qualifications as education is much more than that.

I feel for a whole variety of reasons, it has never been as important to me to help students in effect grow and contribute to society and indeed the world, long after I have moved on or gone. I am thinking now much more about the great impact of decisions we make today, and so for me that means taking responsibility for this some of this. You can see examples above but I also hope this is apparent by what we actually do and not just say we do at the Haringey Sixth Form College.

I hope that the readers of this blog will support and endorse this feeling. So over this festive period, have lots of fun and stay safe. With this message in mind, reflect on what you are going to do and what you did for others this Christmas.

With much love and best wishes to everyone,




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