The Final Furlong! #MoreThanACollege

Well, here we are already in the final, SUMMER TERM - where did this year go?!

Our DEDICATED and AMBITIOUS students and staff spent much of their Easter break attending the COUNTLESS subject workshops, ensuring that each and every one of our FABULOUS students has the best chance of SUCCESS.

NEW staff roles for September have been advertised, we always LOOK FORWARD to welcoming new members to #TeamHaringey6! Middlesex University gave an EXCEPTIONAL presentation to our students aspiring to Higher Education, learning how to get their finances in order! The month of April was REGALLY rounded off with a FANTASTIC day spent with our Board of Trustees, who attended college for a day with our superb COMMUNITY of staff and students. This is something you don’t get in any other college - a Board of Trustees who are EMBEDDED into the fabric of #TeamHaringey6. It was just yet another opportunity for us to SHOW OFF our TALENTED college COMMUNITY, and also made some plans for September 2022 and BEYOND – living life in the FAST LANE at Haringey 6!
After Easter, students were WELCOMED straight back into our new SUCCESS PRINCIPLES and ASPIRE HIGHER programmes. Great to be doing something DIFFERENT and TRYING NEW THINGS.

Those who applied to UNIVERSITY next year are BUSY choosing which of their NUMEROUS offers to accept – decisions, decisions! Interviews for employment, apprenticeships and internships are also underway, and our students have that COMPETITIVE EDGE that they need to be SUCCESSFUL. They have taken every opportunity to ENRICH their LEARNING with all of the FANTASTIC EXPERIENCES on offer at the college, and this is now paying off.

So, what have we got planned for this month? - you MAY well ask! Well…..I am sure by now you expect nothing less than ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURES right across the College and we never disappoint! We kick off this month with 3 WONDERFUL specialist curriculum events, run by our DAZZLING curriculum teams - new recruits get to meet the teams personally and will be TREATED to a personalised tour of our ASTONISHING facilities (as well as some incredible refreshments!). Russ, our REMARKABLE CEO, is EXCITEDLY getting ready for our new ‘Coffee and Cake with the CEO’ events, starting on May 15th. Come and sample the delights that the AMAZING team in our Hart and Hive are creating and what we are LUCKY enough to have every day – DELICIOUS!

Staff are busy putting the finishing touches to our students’ Teacher Assessed Grades in lieu of the summer exam series, ensuring these reflect everyone’s HARD WORK AND PERSERVERANCE.

Plans for our many CELEBRATION events in June are now well underway and we are finalising our THRILLING plans for September – courses have FILLED UP so quickly already! We are already SO EXCITED for the NEW academic year and meeting even more TERRIFIC young people who CHOOSE US for their further education journey (because, you know, we are pretty SPECIAL - even if I do say so myself).



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