Over and Out! #MoreThanACollege

What an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC year we have had at the College this last year. When I look back at my blogs, I am reminded of all the WONDERFUL events and achievements we have had since last September! Wow!

We ended the year in TRUE H6 STYLE – loads of graduations, CELEBRATING the outstanding successes of each and every member of #TeamHaringey6 and watching our AMAZING students receiving their well-deserved AWARDS for being CARING, CONNECTED, COURAGEOUS, CREATIVE, COMMITTED and having a CAN DO/WILL DO ATTITUDE. I was SO PROUD.

We also said FAREWELL to our leavers – so sad to see them go, but so EXCITED for them and all of the DELIGHTFUL experiences they are going to have in the next part of their journey. Sadness quickly turned to HAPPINESS with the start of our #H6Fest – an absolutely action-packed FESTIVAL for all of our TERRIFIC VIP New Students joining in September. It was an absolute PLEASURE spending the day together - I cannot wait to get to know them better and see how they FLOURISH at our college, being part of their new FAMILY. I am also SUPER EXCITED to see our returning students back HOME in the new academic year – we are MISSING YOU already!

Talking of FAMILY and HOME - staff are still working around the clock here at the college, finishing off this SUPERB year and are busy getting everything READY for next year – we like to be ORGANISED. Time flies when you are having FUN – it’s what we do BEST, so everything is very FAST at the College. Next PARTY is our INCREDIBLE end of year STAFF CELEBRATION, including meeting all of our AMAZING new staff – what a TREAT the students are in for in September!

I want to give a HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU to all of #TeamHaringey6 – staff and students, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE, you are the reason I come to work every day and the college would not be the same without you.
We have already started preparing to CELEBRATE AGAIN on results day next month – yes, almost AUGUST already - and then straight into enrolment where our NEW RECRUITS are going to be excitedly uploading their results to our FANCY new ELECTRONIC enrolment system, ready to HIT THE GROUND RUNNING for September.

This year has been an ABSOLUTE BALL - I cannot wait to do it all AGAIN next year!



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