Watch out 2021, we’re coming to get you!


Well…what can I say about the start to the new term, except that I am so HAPPY to see our WONDERFUL #TEAMHARINGEY6 STAFF in the college this morning! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

It was such an HONOUR to see our students and staff at the end of last term going up to receive their fantastic AWARDS for all manner of ACHIEVEMENTS in the first term. It never fails to surprise me how humble all of our students are and their look of absolute SHOCK when they realise they have won an award. The strength of COMMUNITY in this College is second to none, the reaction of their peers with massive rounds of APPLAUSE and CHEERING as they go up to accept their awards is so heart-warming to watch. WELL DONE to all staff and students who were commended for their achievements, I hope this gives us all the MOTIVATION to work towards recognition in the Spring Term!

Among all the chaos that surrounds us in relation to the re-opening of schools and colleges this term, I spoke to our AMAZING team in our first meeting of 2021 about playing the ‘long game’. During times of uncertainty and ever-changing circumstances, it is not always easy to maintain focus on the FUTURE GOALS and to get swept away by it all, but we must keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE, whatever that may be.

I saw a quote recently that said ‘Our task is not to bring order out of chaos, but to get work done in the midst of chaos’ – and I LOVE this quote, because it’s is so true! Getting work done in challenging times can be a source of such massive reward – to be able to think ‘YES, I DID THAT’ is worth so much more than at any other time.

And, at Haringey 6th Form College, we do what we are best at – we get on, we work hard and we get the job DONE!

January sees us WARMLY WELCOMING even more VIRTUAL VISITORS scheduled for this month – there can be so many benefits from working remotely, it is certainly enabling our students to have a much wider reach to professionals in their areas of study.

We have been given permission by our WONDERFULLY SUPPORTIVE Board of Trustees to make a start on EVEN MORE developments of the Campus to accommodate our FLOURISHING student numbers and to cater for our EXCITING NEW COURSES starting this September (Forensic Science, anyone?!) – it’s all go, go, go as usual!

So, on that note, may I wish you the HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS for 2021. As someone very wise once said: it’s not where you are at the start, but at the finish!



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