What do you want to be?!


They say a lot can change in a day and oh how different the 24 hours after my last blog were from expected! We went into another national lockdown and the WONDERFUL #TEAMHARINGEY6 rose to the CHALLENGE, as always, DEFTLY switching to our carefully planned remote teaching and learning model!

It has been an absolute PLEASURE to engage with our students online and get to know them in a way that is slightly different to that of a face to face meeting. Having said that, I cannot wait to get back into College properly – I love the hustle and bustle of our BUSY, FRIENDLY college COMMUNITY - no better feeling than that of BELONGING!

And then came the SNOW – how exciting! There is something so MAGICAL about snow, even though yes, it is freezing, and yes you can fall over, watching those big flakes coming down and settling on the ground is, like #TeamHaringey6, something SPECIAL.

Our latest hashtag #WhatDoYouWantToBe is BOUNDLESS and can be applied to so many parts of our lives. While this invites students to think about their long-term CAREER ASPIRATIONS and how they might ACHIEVE these in their OUTSTANDING LEARNER JOURNEY with us, it also encompasses WHO we want to be as people. When we know WHAT and WHO, then we can look at HOW - what steps do we need to take to achieve our END GOAL?!

February is an EXCITING month – we are already busy planning to BREAK THE INTERNET for a second time at our next VIRTUAL OPEN EVENT on 10th Feb, looking forward to meeting our students’ WONDERFUL parents again on the 11th for the VIRTUAL PARENTS EVENING, and we have HALF TERM to look forward to – halfway through the academic year! We also have VALENTINE’S DAY and PANCAKE DAY!

I don’t think of Valentine’s Day as just something to be CELEBRATED in a romantic sense, I think it gives us an opportunity to think about being KIND. There is a saying “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

KINDNESS is so important as a personality trait and so REWARDING for the giver and receiver, particularly during these times. How WONDERFUL to have someone tell you how much they VALUE you, LOVE you or are INSPIRED by you, for no other reason than them wanting to be KIND. We don’t always take the time to tell people how we really feel about them, so let’s do just that this month..….tell your family that you LOVE them, tell a friend how much you ADMIRE them, HELP someone out or tell your teacher that they’re doing a GREAT JOB.

We RISE by LIFTING others!

And talking of rising and lifting, let’s not forget to flip some PANCAKES up high on Tuesday, 16th……we often have a Pancake Flipping Contest at the College, but given the current situation (and the fact that I was really looking forward to Saj’s pancakes at the Business Breakfast with the Principal), I am INVITING all staff and students of the college to TWEET photographs of their pancake-tossing skills (I’m expecting BIG THINGS from our Basketball Team here) and to share their favourite filling combinations in CELEBRATION of this day of INDULGENCE.

So, get flipping and enjoy the sweet little month of February!


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