Science Pathway GCSE

Studying GCSE Separate Science allows you to delve deeper into the explanations of the phenomena we experience every day. We will investigate areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics allowing you to answer questions such as:

  • Why does your tea cool down more slowly in a shiny, white cup than a dull black cup?
  • Why does immunising your child help save another who cannot, for medical reasons receive the same vaccine?
  • Why are you more likely to be electrocuted whilst swimming in the sea than sat on top of a floating iceberg?

Each subject has three examinations that each account for 25% of your total grade. The remaining 25% will be assessed via a coursework investigation that you will plan, execute and evaluate for accuracy and validity.

Course Length:

1-2 Years

You will study:

  • You will gain a number of transferable skills that can be applied to many types of career; these include literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and research skills.
  • In addition to this, you will learn how to debate effectively, present your findings to your peers and justify your opinions.

Where it leads:

GCSE Science students can progress onto many A-Level, BTEC and Apprenticeship programmes. You will be prepared for the academic rigour of these courses as well as gaining confidence in your abilities as a theoretical and applied scientist. our GCSE students can then move on to undertake courses such as Medicine, Radiography, Forensic Science and Engineering.

Entry Requirements:

You must have four GCSE A*-C, including C in English & D in Maths

GCSE Science Pathway

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